I often wonder how it is possible for a Judge to pass the responsibility for the composition of the Court's Orders, time and time again, to someone who stands to benefit financially (in this case by one million $1,000,000 dollars - that being 40% of the settlement Stephen Gershman was seeking for my ex-wife); based upon a conversation, ordered to take place by a Judge, privately and outside of the Court, that allowed him to threaten me and to attempt to exhort such a payment. 

Stephen Gershman and my ex-wife both knew that I was ill that day - and the Court would have known also, had someone bothered to man the only phone number the Court System gives out.  There is a number to call (213-974-8289) but all you will get is a recorded message that says "Your call cannot be answered at this time. Please try again later. Goodbye. The Judge, was obviously too overworked to compose his own opinion, and so he passed the right to do so to one of the parties involved who stood to benefit financially from the outcome of the hearing.  

Someone please explain to me how "The System" could ever expect such behavior to produce anything that could possibly be called "Justice"?