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The Business Forum Journal is published and has been designed for, the benefit of our members, who are senior decision makers in private companies, corporate and government organizations, or are entrepreneurs.   Therefore, our site needs to carry a great deal of information for our members and for the decision makers like them, who can now access it from anywhere in the World.   

From this page you will be able to access most of the major English language business publications from around the world, all of the important Stock Markets and the embassies or consulates of foreign nations in the United States of America.  You will also be able to access current essays and columns from leading experts.

To achieve this our site necessarily has to have a large number of links to the more important business and government sites, which obviously makes it a large file.  Therefore,  it may take a few  minutes for you to download it onto a less powerful, or an older computer than the majority of computers our members use.  However, we think that you will find the content both useful and interesting and it should be well worth the waiting time.

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