The Business Forum

"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available."           Thomas Mann, 1896

Century City, Los Angeles, California
Tuesday, February 18th, 2003 
- 11:45am to 1:30pm
 This will be a Round Table Luncheon Meeting

Building an E-Business

Sponsored by:
Intensive Hosting - Rackspace's Enterprise Hosting Division

Park Hyatt Century City Hotel, los angeles discount hotel reservations, los angeles conventions, california.
  The Park Hyatt Hotel
  2151 Avenue of the Stars
Century City, Los Angeles, California

 Driving Instructions to The Park Hyatt Hotel - Century City

There are many benefits to expanding your e-Business, whether you merely use it to pick up extra business from clients you might never otherwise reach - or you have built a completely interactive Enterprise Application that does everything from balance your inventory to educate dealers across the globe - or if you sit somewhere in between with ambitious hopes for the future. 

Building a Web presence however is more than just the technical application of programming skills, animated graphics or number-manipulating guidance systems for your business.  In fact, as many of our guests have pointed out over the years, without an organization-wide effort with solid backing from the upper echelon of management - the end results can sometimes disappoint everyone in one way or another. However, another confidentially held belief is that we are only at the dawn of what e-Business will be a few years from now - and the most dangerous threat to profits and security in e-Business is losing touch with, or missing, the breakthrough ideas, techniques and technologies as they develop during the coming years.

So, The Business Forum is going to host a series of luncheon discussions (no slide shows, product demonstrations or PowerPoint explanations) just a group of industry peers sharing and searching for what the future can bring to make them more efficient, successful and secure in their efforts to build the best e-Business possible.

If you are interested in attending this forum reply ASAP as seats are limited. 

There is of course no cost and no obligation whatsoever placed upon
our guests by attending and even their valet parking will be paid.

A Reservation is Required


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