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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum
for their presentation is provided or available" - Thomas Mann, 1896


Sales & Marketing On The Internet Sponsor: Teknowledge Corporation The Business Forum has now held many Forums on subjects related to the Internet and Electronic Commerce, but this will be the first meeting we have arranged on the ability to use the Net for Sales and Marketing. The requests to move beyond browsing have multiplied over the last year, and with Teknowledge we have finally found an organization that has developed good enough software to make this need into a reality. Advertising, Public Relations and 'Pure' Marketing have played a great part in the success of the American Economy during this century and the opportunities to be gained from transferring this activity to the world of Electronic Commerce are almost unable to be measured. This meeting will interest any Sales, Marketing or IT Director being asked to find a way to exploit the Internet for business growth. The Electronic Marketplace is growing at tremendous speed and it would appear that English is fast becoming the language of Electronic Commerce, as it has already in many other fields, which promises to open global markets to American Marketeers ingenuity over the next decade. The size, speed and wealth of this borderless market probably makes this one of the more exciting debates that we will sponsor in 1998. Imagine it! Your message reaching millions of potential customers at the touch of a send button. A Market so large that it could not be guessed at ten years ago is about to be opened to those who are ready to exploit it. This is one of those meetings you (or your President) definitely should not miss.

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