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Electronic Commerce Management On The Internet

Sponsor: Cambridge Technology Partners

The Business Forum has now held many Forums on subjects related to the Internet. From these meetings we have learned that the most common concerns are; cost, time and the security factors involved. As with all technological changes and, in the case of Electronic Commerce, the cultural factors involved, much of the time it is only the need of experience and competent implication which prevents us from exploiting new technologies as fast and intelligently as we might wish. We have also learned that although we all call it Electronic Commerce, few are making money from the endeavor as they expected - yet. Therefore, at the bidding of our members and supporters, we have searched out an organization well equipped to counter these challenges to provide us with a keynote speaker for a Business Forum discussion. Once one has stripped away the hype and the over zealous futurism of the media, it is obvious that electronic commerce is the future in our "just-in-time" and "efficiency based" businesses.

The actual establishment, or merely the fine tuning of an existing electronic trading system, is far more complicated than the average citizen would ever believe. It is wise therefore to keep abreast of what your peers are experiencing and doing, more so if one has an expert to lead the discussion.

This forum will cover every aspect of electronic commerce and management our hand-picked group and invited experts should be able to voice, exploring both the pitfalls and the opportunities all of it can offer. We therefore suggest that you book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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