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eBusiness - Existing Systems & Application Development

Sponsor: Sterling Software Corporation (Applications Development Group)

The River Place Hotel
1510 SW Harbor Way, Portland
Tuesday, January 25th, 2000

The Four Seasons Hotel
411 University Street, Seattle
Wednesday, January 26th, 2000

RESERVATION REQUIRED - Luncheon Meeting - 11:45am until 1:30pm

The hyper jump into electronic commerce we have experienced in the last few years has brought increased competition and new players into almost every field of business endeavor. Many of the traditional strengths of some of our leading organizations have been lost as bricks and mortar sales destinations have become sites on the world wide web, and our members have continuously asked us to organize luncheons that would allow them to employ the built up knowledge and expertise they possess in the new electronic sales environment. Insurance companies, financial institutions and established retail and wholesale organizations have spent years building up volumes of electronic customer data, yet finding a way of using that knowledge base effectively, efficiently and economically has lagged as the customers of the world have gone on line.

We have recently found an organization that specializes in application development that will allow traditionally strong organizations to employ the years of customer knowledge they have built to their benefit in an electronic environment. This Forum Debate will best benefit established and larger organizations, so we are reserving places for them, and we are restricting the numbers invited to ensure there is time to hold an in-depth sharing of information. As numbers will be limited we suggest you book early to avoid any possible disappointment as we know this luncheon will fill fast.

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