The debt she is referring to was for my son David to attend Page Private School ($800 per month) that he never attended as she took him out of Page School the day after the Court awarded her payment; and for David to attend After School Care at the Beverly Y (at $300 a month) that I refused to pay when she removed him from that as well, the day after she was granted payment by Judge Gold.  So, that was the email exchange that actually took place. But the following email was entered into evidence as having been sent by me to my ex-wife.  Judge Arnold J. Gold was only too willing to accept it.  There is just one small point no-one has ever wanted to hear, and that is - I NEVER WROTE IT AND I NEVER SENT IT TO HER!




As Bruce Clay states in his Letter to the Court


. . . . I also witnessed a falsified email header (akin to the phishing and fraudulent spam attacks prominent today) that was altered to appear as though it was sent from The Business Forum when there was no such transmission. This email paper copy was entered into evidence against John (and The Business Forum) although the authenticity was highly suspect.  If I wanted to, I could create a fake email making anyone look like a terrible person simply be editing some computer text and printing it.  It proves nothing, yet was admitted as evidence.