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2015 ~ What does it hold for us?


By Tony Dalton



People are losing confidence in politicians, they do not believe what politicians say anymore, and can you really blame them?

In Britain we can blame this on coalition politics, but in the United States that is no excuse.

Or is it?

When people vote Republican or Democrat, they do so expecting their elected politician to carry out the policies they stood for when they ran for election.  But unless the same party controls the Congress and The Presidency they will very rarely get that, what they actually will get is compromise.

That is why electors are inevitably losing confidence in politicians, because even if they vote for a particular person or party, they rarely get the policies for which they voted.

Currently, with a Democratic President and a Republican Congress only one thing can happen.  The stated policies of both parties will eventually get watered down until enough Senators and Congressmen agree, which only ends in, you guessed it, compromise.

The problem is that those same politicians will then have to go back and talk to the people who elected them, which brings about another problem.  They have now developed a language that is so vague, that more often than not they are actually saying nothing.

But, the electorate are not that stupid, and they are finally seeing through it it all, which is why they are losing confidence in all political "leaders".

So how will all this effect 2015?  As Congress and the Presidency are controlled by different parties I see nothing but political conflict throughout this coming year with the inevitable result that there will be no major decisions on the economy coming out of Washington one way or another.

For business however this is great news, for it means that the economic climate will stay the same.  And as History has proved, for a stable economy you need a secure unchanging business environment, which is probably what we will get, and for this reason I am confident that the US economy will continue to grow.

For this reason I am personally looking forward with confidence to 2015.


 Tony Dalton is a Fellow of The Business Forum Institute and a consultant and Midlands businessman in the United Kingdom.  He has led several businesses since the 1970�s. He was Leader of Warwick District Council from 1991 to 1995.  Over the years he has learnt leadership, the ability to think strategically in the understanding of complex issues along with the values of accountability, probity and openness.  Today he operates a marketing company and an educational publishing business.  He is an advocate of creating positive cash flow and is the author of �Cash Management� and lectures on cash management to leaders of small and medium sized businesses. Among his major achievements - Creating the first screen based typewriter; Doubling the reserves of Warwick District Council while at the same time reducing staff by 40% and lowering taxes each year during his tenure; and, in leading the development of a new teaching aid for K-2 children, which has already benefited over 1,000,000 children in more than 40 countries.

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