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The control panel of any piece of equipment is most probably the marketing design factor of that equipment. It really does not matter if you manufacture medical diagnostic machines, digital scales or copying machines, the quality of the design and the working efficiency of the control panel is often the success or failing factor of your marketing efforts.  The mechanical and operating factors of control panels obviously need to add to the quality and reliability of the product, yet aesthetic factors and ease of use for the operator can be as important in the buying decision as the efficiency of the machine or process they are controlling.

Hemant Mistry was co-chair of the ASTM sub-committee which established uniform testing methods for membrane-switch manufacturing, and has worked in the field for many years with many major corporations, and therefore as our expert speaker in this discussion was able to field just about every question that arose on the spot.  As we only invited engineers and industrial designers to this luncheon, the level of discussion was very high and we were able to explore the latest technologies and predict future trends during this luncheon.  If you wish to stay informed just request information below and we pass on your request.

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