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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
 their presentation is provided or available"     -      Thomas Mann, 1896



The Los Angeles Marriott Hotel
333 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles

The River Place Hotel
1510 SW Harbor Way, Portland

The Four Seasons Olympic Hotel
411 University Street, Seattle 

The Saint Francis Hotel
Union Square, San Francisco

Sponsored by: Hitachi Software Corporation

Customer Service is becoming more important every day as we move into both an Electronic and a Global Economy, for the increased competition and higher customer expectations for quality of service can be the difference between success and failure if one fails to live up to the customer's expectations. However, the costs of customer service grow with the quality of service given in most cases and the staffing problems involved in our present up beat economy demands innovative solutions.

The innovative implementation of software that can satisfy the customer in one call is everyone's dream outcome, and today that is possible to install to help manage Customer Loyalty.

Some of the comments we received from the guests after the meeting:

"Time very well spent!"
Peggy Lusk, Sr. Programmer
Cascade Natural Gas

"Very interesting - up to date business discussion - forward thinking"
Julia Russell, Customer Service Director
Government Computer Sales Inc.

Don Dufford, Vice President
Biztek Company

"I enjoyed it"
Robert Oberland, Project Manager
Standard Insurance Company

For a complete list of those who attended these forums or requested information on this topic because they were unable to attend, click here.

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