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Home                     "It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for                        26th Year
their presentation is provided or available."    -    Thomas Mann, 1896          



The Business Forum is an unique entity. This section tells how the organization was originally established.


In 22 years we have grown from 1 forum every 3 months in Los Angeles to a program that now reaches the world.


We use this page only to announce upcoming events that members and qualified guests can apply to attend.


Here you will find business white papers and articles on subjects of interest to our members by leading experts.


Our forums and conferences take many forms. This page describes the several different  formats we use.


Any qualified decision maker can attend our  forums and events, so we have included some of their comments.


Read the testimonials of those who have sponsored speakers, articles or events for The Business Forum.


This page is used to list the recent forums we have held with links for members who were unable to attend.


This is a large site so if you are seeking information on a specific subject we suggest you use this capability first.


The Business Forum only uses the very best hotels. On this page you find links to all The Business Forum Hotels.


Members make The Business Forum possible. Learn who they are and discover why they support what we do.


Sponsors provide speakers
to lead our forums.  We give them a real opportunity to showcase their expertise.


Possibly the most complete source for world business and government information available on the Internet.


For the  fun of our members and supporters, it's written to promote our mission or often just to start a debate.


Letter from the President

Learn about the Founders of The Business Forum


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