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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available." �        �Thomas Mann, 1896

A Business Forum Round Table Luncheon
The Downtown Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles, California

Utilizing Healthcare IT to Promote Wellness Programs

Comments from our Guests

I highly enjoy attending the Business Forum luncheons and have gained tremendous insight from the dialogues and interactions with some of the brightest thought leaders.

Joshua Zauderer
Director, Information Technology
Walt Disney Pictures

I enjoyed the luncheon - the value to me was the reinforcement of the idea that when we do something in a group the commitment level is much higher and so is the result. 

Michael Gholampour
Systems Analyst
Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power

The meeting provided a brief look into issues facing business leaders today who are confronted with rapidly changing issues and it provided an exchange of ideas and concerns from a variety of perspectives through the attendees.  An investment in time well spent.

Lester Hicks
Vice President Human Resources
Bobrick Washroom Company

The Business Forum is the most informative and active forum that I have participated in, in recent times.  Executives from all types of organizations attend this forum and I find myself lucky to be among the industry best of the best IT leaders who are the job generators in this economy.  

Vikas Srivastav
Senior Software Architect & Technical Lead
Transamerica / AEGON

Thank you again for another stimulating discussion on developing technologies, applications, and services.  Your meeting on May 25th was no exception.  As always, you bring people with very different backgrounds together to ponder and discuss innovative ideas and products.  I always come away from your meetings thinking about how this will affect my company, and often our society in general . . . the drive back to work is always too short!

Thomas Provencher
Director, Government Security
The Aerospace Corporation

The Business Forum brings together senior executives in a face-to-face open discussion environment, where I learn more from other attendees than any presenters.  You learn not only about a particular service offering but the pros and cons behind the offering � something sales people loath to tell us.

Michael Siersema
CTO/Technology Director
Computer Sciences Corporation

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