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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available." �        �Thomas Mann, 1896

Why be a Member of The Business Forum?

The Business Forum Association was founded in 1987 to help us to subsidize the growth and operations of The Business Forum, and to allow us to run our programs without being completely dependent upon the Sponsors of Business Forum Events for a profit to pay for the growth of our organization, a situation that we felt might hinder our impartiality.. 

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The existence of The Business Forum Association and the fees it has generated each year from 1987 on, have enabled The Business Forum to grow from one meeting every three months in Los Angeles, California back in 1982, to an ongoing program throughout the Pacific States of America from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, Seattle in the north to San Diego in the south.

In 1987 we set out to build ourselves into an institution that had the respect and trust of decision makers length of the West Coast and to provide them with a reliable source of expert and unbiased information that would help them better contribute to the success of themselves, their organizations and the Pacific States of America as a region. 

Now that our activities and White Papers are available on a global basis, by way of the Internet, we have gained members, sponsors and supporters on six continents. Thank you.

Membership is what makes The Business Forum work.

If we had to rely entirely upon sponsors to fund The Business Forum we would would be out of business in six months, or we would merely be an organization that organized luncheons, conferences and seminars. What many people fail to understand, including many of the guests at our events, is that it is only by the income support of our members that we have been allowed to grow as we have over the last quarter of a century.

In a world that it seems has become continuously more self serving and greed oriented, it is wonderful recognition of what we are trying to do, to know that so many individuals continue to believe in our cause and what we do for the business community, to the point that they will continue to support us, not just by attending our events, but by going on to become fee paying members in ever growing numbers.  Today we even have supporting Members in States and Countries where we have never organized an event.

The fact is that the controlling factor of our membership base has always, if you will, kept us honest to our cause, and more importantly, it has provided us with an irreplaceable network of contacts throughout the economy, in business, government and academia internationally,  that we are able to draw upon to bring together the right people, at the right time and in the right place, for our events.  It has also allowed us to be able to expand and build our presence, by way of the Internet, across the world.


The Business Forum Association

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The Business Forum, its Officers, partners, and all other
parties with which it deals, or is associated with, accept
absolutely no responsibility whatsoever, nor any liability,
for what is published on this web site.    Please refer to:

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The Business Forum

Beverly Hills, California United States of America

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Our Members Include Executives from such Organizations as:

APL Limited
Archdiocesan Youth Employment Services
Austrian Trade Commission
Bay Alarm Company
Bobrick Washroom Company
British Telecom Infonet Corporation
California State University, Los Angeles
CBS Broadcasting
City National Bank
County of Los Angeles - Health Services
CSE Insurance Group
Cyvergence Corporation
Del Monte Foods Corporation
DuProUSA/Trans-Pacific USA
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Fremont Group
Gordon W Moore & Associates
IBM Rational Software Group
E-Novative, Inc.
Law Office of Ronald E. Monard
Navigant International Inc.
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
Paul Hastings Janoskvy & Walker
Sharp Market Intelligence
Stuart F Cooper Company
Swinerton Incorporated
The Aerospace Corporation
Tricipher, Inc.
US Department of Commerce
Walt Disney Imagineering
Zeus Technology, Inc.

This is only a representative example of our Supporters

Our Supporters Testimonials include:

The Business forum is a wonderful experience and gives a significant amount of good leadership and integrity. The forum must continue to enhance its' capability of supporting the technology forum. There must always be a voice and a segment that will define the  understanding of what the computer and technology industry is all about. There is much value that can be contributed by bringing sponsorship and quality intellectuals together in one room. I might add the forum allows cultivated professionals to exchange ideas and intermingle on numerous great possibilities. I wish you a continued success.

Shonita Stevenson  Dept Information Security Officer
Los Angeles County Dept. of Health Services

The Business Forum provides a very positive service as a lubricant in the vendor/consumer relationship.

Tim Rowan  Information Systems Security Officer
Multnomah County, Oregon

I just wanted to thank you for the Forum at the Biltmore Hotel last week.  What can I say - that you could get Adobe, IBM, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, SSP, SolSoft & SafeNet to participate at the same table is unequalled, the only other organization I know of that could put those seven companies in the room to be asked questions is the Justice Department, and they could only do it by legal means.  Then you pack in 36 of the top CIO’s and CISO’s in Los Angeles County!  Absolutely brilliant - and the food and service were 5 star to say the least.  Anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of the forums in this series and does not do so would be an idiot!

Dr. Paul Rosenthal Professor Information Systems
California State University, Los Angeles

Thanks for the wonderful meeting at the Westin last week. The information was good for me to hear and I appreciate being invited to the meeting.

Trish Landau
Huntington Beach Union High School District

This is probably the most important forum I attend.  It is the only one that receives priority in my schedule.

John Stenbeck - Information Technology Director
Southwest Marine Inc.

It was without a doubt the most efficient and effective luncheon meeting that I have ever attended.

Diane Stumph - Controller
American Mobile Nurses Inc


Outstanding - I thought I had the subject matter under control - now I know I have to fix a problem!!

William A. Timmerman - CFO
American Technologies & Materials Inc.

Enjoyed the luncheon, it was informative and gave me a new outlook on the subject. Thank you.

Frank Picetti - Production Manager
Anacomp Corporation.

More Comments from our Guests