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By Dr. Kenneth Johnson, SMD, SND, OMD, Ph.D.
Therapeutic Orthomolecular Nutritionist




Excessive stress from ever-increasing pollutants in our environment wreaks havoc on human potential long before any serious illness emerges. Various states of diminished well being from stress overload overtax, and to some degree block, the body's biological energy systems. These systems act as the body's life preserving, regulating mechanism and control the organism's defenses and its self-healing powers. As a result, there are more and more people acutely ill with weakened vitality and lowered immunity. These individuals have exceeded their level of tolerance in regard to the accumulation of toxins and have depleted vital enzymes and nutrients to the point where the functional activity of various organs and glands is not adequate for optimal health.

Many people can regain their health again if those toxins are excreted and vital nutrients are supplemented within the individual�s tolerance level. When natural regulatory patterns are restored by balancing the body's energy systems, it is possible for individuals to rid themselves of a multitude of symptoms and illnesses.

Neurohormonal Regulation

The process of regulating the human body consists of balancing many complex systems, which connect all cells. Regulation is accomplished through the neurohormonal system, a vast communication system consisting of nerve pathways, hormonal messengers and receptors.

The concept of neurohormonal regulation (NHR) describes the checks and balances of the interrelationships between various organs, cellular networks and systems of the body. NHR is mainly a matter of function rather than pathology. In other words, most "officially diagnosed" medical conditions give signs of neurohormonal dysregulation long before pathology or disease can be identified. Hence, the concept of restoring a synchronous correlation between all body systems is a truly preventative one both in scope and in practice.

'The regulatory process of the neurohormonal system includes: 1) repair and regeneration, 2) neutralization of toxic substances or allergens, 3) adaptation to stress, and 4) prevention or correction of illness. Continuous neglect of this powerful health correcting system results in its breakdown and in its loss of adaptively to the environment, a function crucial to survival.

The purpose of this presentation is to offer a framework for understanding the critical importance of specific nutrients to cell functions and to provide suggestions for correcting imbalances thereby assisting total body synchronization.

Observed Causes of Health Problems

In today's world, many individuals breathe polluted air, eat processed radiated or over-refined foods, and are exposed to the perils of electro pollution. Combined with the excessive mental, social, and emotional pressures and demands of the world, these stresses result in energetic dysregulation of our cells and our bodies.

After observing the nutritional factors related to dysregulation for several years, researchers have found that:

1. Nutritional deficiencies are caused by poor dietary choices and prolonged stress.

2. The dysregulatory response of survival-compensatory physiology causes further depletion of nutrient reserves even when the individual is not in a diagnosed pathological state.

3. Poor digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients are always present.

4. The depletion of nutrient reserves in the liver, nervous system and adrenal glands causes immune suppression and chronic inflammation.

Understanding Health Problems and Solutions

Maintaining health and preventing illness is possible by enhancing the function of the gastrointestinal system and by total body regulation of weak body organs, glands, or systems.

Scientific research has revealed that most of the body's functions are regulated by extraordinarily large and complex proteins and enzymes. In 1853, the German pathologist, Rudolph Virchow discovered starch like deposits of amyloidal and mutated protein in the extra-cellular matrix. Later, these aberrant protein complexes were found to initiate many forms of disease.

A healthy cell membrane is a switchboard, which monitors both stimulatory and inhibitory signals from extra cellular events. The cell's response to stimuli is dependent upon the structural integrity of the membrane and of the extra-cellular matrix. The integrity of the matrix is, in turn, dependent on a continuous and ample supply of biologically active micronutrients. These nutrients also supply the cell with the raw material needed to produce P-glycoprotein, a protein that flushes toxins out of cells and helps the body withstand the toxic effects of a hostile environment. Deficiencies of the necessary biomolecular nutrients can distort the structure of P-glycoproteins causing the cell to store toxins, rather than excrete them. Cellular toxicity will result in a blockage of enzyme cascades, important in regulating cellular responsiveness to hormones, neurotransmitters and P-glycoproteins. Therefore, many proposed methods of energetic assessment and detoxification fail to work because enzymatic activity is not enhanced by supplying the body with appropriate biomolecular complexes of nutrients that encourage proper structural formation of P-glycoprotein and the extra cellular matrix.

The bio-energetic goal in cellular nutrition is to present the digestive system with whole food complexes of biologically active nutrients, that help the body to reestablish normal regulation and symbiosis.

Bio-Cellular Nutrition - Dysregulation

The intracellular ecology nourishes the cells with enzymes and other critically important nutrients. When stresses deplete this environment, the cells fail to perform efficiently. For example, nerve cells must be bathed in an extra cellular fluid with a specific electrolyte concentration and a pH of 7.4. If the electrolyte concentration or the pH is altered, the neuron's activity will be affected, leading to either a depressed state or a hyperactive state of nerve activity.

The body maintains precise control over many systems and is able to monitor different concentrations of vital nutrients through sensory (endocrine) cells. These sensory cells seem to possess a definite set point (like a thermostat) for monitoring these vital substances and regulatory patterns. Because organisms maintain their constant internal environment, they are able to compensate for many of the changes in the outer environment. Continued or prolonged compensatory patterns are taxing on the body and will often lead to an inability of the neurohormonal system to regulate various systems.

For example, in prolonged situations of unhealthy stress, the body evokes a "survival" response, a back-up system activated to provide the appropriate defense against infection or illness. The object of this defense is to keep the individual alive at all costs. Although necessary for survival, this response is not �natural� and further depletes the functional and nutritional reserves of the body. This can lead to chronic deficiency states, disease and disorder or even death. One possible result of this sort of dysregulation or dysfunction is when the immune system loses its ability to differentiate between innocuous agents and potentially dangerous substances, rendering the individual "immune-deficient."

In states of dysregulation, stimuli are delayed and responses are slowed. This regulatory sluggishness wastes time and energy, thus the principles of energy conservation and homeostasis are upset. The more serious the pattern of dysregulation, the more energy is depleted and wasted. Dysregulation leads to chronic states of exhaustion in the overworked and undernourished endocrine glands. In this situation, the adrenal glands become too weak to meet the demands of a toxic and stressful environment.

Identifying and correcting the neurohormonal dysregulation of the body is the key to maintaining health and preventing illness. When the body is in a state of dysregulation, it lacks efficient homeostatic capabilities. This makes the body susceptible to various infections including Candida, Epstein-Barr, and many bacterial infections. The yeast, virus, or bacteria may be the focal point of the illness in these infections, however they are not the cause. They are a result of a generalized weakening of the neurohormonal system leading to lowered immune defenses and disturbance of the body ecology.


Poor dietary habits can contribute greatly to nutritional "stress". The most common nutritional stressor is a diet, which emphasizes too many acid ash foods. As the pH drops and becomes more acidic, digestive capacity is reduced to the point where maldigestion occurs. This has a number of effects:

1) A depletion of vital enzymes, nutrients and essential fatty acids needed for optimal functioning of the neurohormonal system.

2) A toxic overload on the liver and subsequently on the immune system, resulting from incomplete digestion.

3) A depletion of nutrients needed in the manufacturing of hormones.

For any hope of understanding why and how illness occurs there must be a clear comprehension of what nutritional factors are necessary for optimal body health. The spectrum of a body's regulatory capabilities is enormous when the digestive system is supported and revitalized with proper nutrition, and the liver and pancreas are brought to balance.

Nutritional support of inefficient systems, glands, and organs is required to bring the patient from abnormal states of physiology to normal, efficient states of regulation. Although it is important to eliminate the cause of dysregulation (toxins, chronic infections, stress, nutritional deficiency, etc.) it is just as vital to help the body improve and promote regulatory efficiency.

The diet and eating habits of most people present tremendous challenge to the gastrointestinal tract in the following ways:

1) Individuals generally eat too rapidly; the bolus of food swallowed is often a large mass of marginally masticated food.

2) Most people consume excessive amounts of cooked animal protein and highly refined and processed foods. These foods are usually acidic and lack vital enzymatic nutrient complexes.

3) Most people consume a high percentage of deep fried foods, which retard the penetration by digestive juices and elevate the body's level of trans-fatty acids. Trans-fatty acids block many hormone precursors and prostaglandins.

4) Most people eat for taste rather than for nutritional value with the preference being salty or stimulator foods.

Cellular penetration of biomolecular nutrients is achieved through proteoglycans (PG's), glycosaminoglycans (GAG's) and structural glycoproteins (GP�s) that form a molecular sieve. This sieve does not allow molecules over a certain size or with ionic charge to penetrate the extra cellular matrix. Hence, molecular weight, ionic nature and pH value of nutrients entering the matrix will determine the quality and quantity of nutrient absorption-utilization by the cellular environment.

The consequences of maldigestion can also create neurohormonal disorganization by upsetting intestinal symbiosis and disrupting detoxifying functions, causing excess toxicity.

Orthomolecular Bioenergetic Regulation (OBR)

To assess the functional regulator status of the body, especially the immune system and digestive system, one must understand that the body's "innate intelligence" (or vital life force) is responsible for all life processes and total body regulation.

I view sickness and disease as an energetic imbalance in one or more systems of the body. Orthomolecular therapeutic intervention aims at re-harmonizing this imbalance in the flow of energy between systems, organs and glands of the body in order to activate the individual�s own innate healing capacity.

Generalized weakening of the neurohormonal system can lead to weakened immune defenses and a disturbance of body ecology, often presenting chronic deficiency disorders or disease. Proper differential observations of these resultant segmented patterns of energy enable qualitative statements to be made regarding patterns of dysregulation.

Once possible infection or irritation sites are identified, attention must then be directed at reestablishing normal regulation of the neurohormonal system by strengthening all functional weakness and/or correcting deficiencies. It is also important to eliminate abuses to the body and elevating cellular pH by supplementation with special alkaline-enzymatic complexes of minerals, amino acids, peptides, fatty acids and trace mineral activators, as well as eliminating acute and chronic infections.


The one common denominator of all illness, all disease, all lack or want, all degenerations, and all unhappiness is a disruption of the bioenergetic flow cellularly and individually.

Understanding bioenergetic nutrition requires a thorough understanding of the process of assimilation on both the physical and energetic level. Every vegetable and animal substance radiates a unique and subtle species-specific vibration from its energy field. To assimilate food correctly, a person must absorb the total forces from the food into his or her own vital life force. Through this process, the vibrations of synergistic food combinations interact with the multiple oscillating subsystems within the body (vital life force). This interaction strengthens the person while harmonizing the electromagnetic circuits (meridians). Most importantly, these vibration nutrients possess pure harmonic oscillations of energy needed to propel the nutrients deep into the cellular and extra-cellular compartments so they can energize all the cells of the body. The biologically transduced information has its primary effect on the extra cellular matrix of crystalline connective tissue, which takes in and transmits energy throughout every cell in the body.

Bio-energetic and bio-cellular nutrition provide new insight and direct us toward the humble recognition that natural and organic whole food complexes can evoke a powerful healing response -- thereby rejuvenating the body.

By addressing your health needs with the same attention that you give to your work activities, you will be able to operate at your peak efficiency in all of your endeavors.

About Dr. Johnson

DR. KENNETH JOHNSON - Dr. Johnson is a Therapeutic Orthomolecular Nutritionist. He received a triple major PhD from Olympian International Sports College in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in 1989. He is just the fourth person in the history of the school to complete a triple major in international sports medicine - SMD, sports nutrition - SND, and oriental medicine - OMD. In 1988, Dr. Johnson was asked to serve on the International Olympian Nutritional Committee for the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul, Korea. Following these games, Dr. Johnson was appointed Director of Sports Nutrition for the Olympian International Sports Federation at the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona, Spain. Recognized internationally as a healer, researcher, author, lecturer and teacher, Dr. Johnson is solicited professionally by schools, associations, health care practitioners, physicians and patients worldwide. As a registered International Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Dr. Johnson has designed numerous individual and public health programs throughout the world. In addition, Dr. Johnson is the only alternative health care practitioner included in a select group of twelve doctors appointed to the Warner-Lambert Complementary Medicine Advisory Board. Dr. Johnson currently maintains his practice as a Therapeutic Orthomolectular Nutritionist in Las Vegas, Nevada, and continues to consult fellow practitioners and serve patients worldwide.

Doctor�s Note

As a Therapeutic Orthomolecular Nutritionist, my purpose is to help people to regain their optimal health and a youthful vitality. Vitality and health go hand in hand however, and you cannot have one without the other, so my goal is to help each patient establish good health first. Through good health, vitality always becomes present.  Any questions you may have, or personal inquiries relative to specific health issues, or requests for more in-depth information on this subject, can be directed to:

[email protected]

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