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Securing and Managing Access to Web Applications

Contributed by TriCipher, Inc.


Enterprise IT boundaries are stretching as businesses increasingly rely on web-based applications for essential functions. Corporate data is spread outside the enterprise, and internal controls do not always apply. Mobile employees may use web applications without even accessing your enterprise network.

In this web-based environment, protecting online identities and access to applications is vital. Most businesses rely on their users to observe corporate password policies, setting and changing strong passwords regularly.

Putting the burden of security on the business users is unwise. Many users are already struggling to track and maintain dozens of different accounts for their daily lives. For the sake of convenience, many use easy-to-remember passwords, write down passwords, or set the same passwords across many accounts � defeating password policies.

myOneLogin combines security and convenience in a single, web-based offering. Delivered as a service, myOneLogin provides single sign-on to web-based applications and SSL VPNs, secured with strong authentication. Using strong authentication protects logins from phishing or password theft, while the single sign-on capability makes business users� lives simpler.

Because myOneLogin is convenient, employees will use it. The result is a more secure application environment.

1. Business grants applications access to the user.

2. User makes a secure connection to myOneLogin and selects application from the list.

3. myOneLogin logs user into applications.

Protect access to web applications

Users connect to myOneLogin using strong authentication with multiple credentials. The myOneLogin service then connects users securely to the applications they are authorized to use. myOneLogin offers multiple security levels, using browser cookies, certificates, and/or mutual SSL, depending on your business and application needs. Even if someone were to steal an account and password, they would not be able to connect without the additional credentials.

Add, revoke access instantly

Using myOneLogin, you can grant or revoke application access easily:

Revoke access instantly when someone changes jobs.

Add access to applications to connect new employees quickly.

Get started quickly and easily

Because it is delivered as a service, myOneLogin is quick to deploy and easy to manage.

You do not need to install or maintain software or hardware.

There are no hardware tokens to track and maintain.

myOneLogin requires no changes to existing applications or password policies.

Active Directory support speeds deployment and

integration with existing authentication infrastructure.

A centralized account management interface simplifies license management.

Cut password management costs

myOneLogin provides business users with a single login to access all of their web-based applications, making business users� lives simpler. With only a single password, users will not be calling the Help Desk with password problems, and they won�t be wasting time waiting for password resets.

Improve compliance

myOneLogin helps businesses comply with federal or industry regulations that require the privacy of personal or financial information, such as HIPAA and the PCI Data Security Standards. myOneLogin protects access to accounts hosting regulated data, enforcing password policies and/or providing strong, multi-factor authentication. Compliance reports and a tamper-proof audit log support compliance efforts.

Instant access for pandemic planning

The myOneLogin service can support business pandemic planning by enabling secure telecommuting on a large scale. Employees working from home during a major pandemic can securely access business applications using the myOneLogin service. And because myOneLogin is a service, you can deploy and scale it instantly to meet your needs.

Trust in TriCipher

myOneLogin is a service provided by TriCipher�, the experts in strong authentication technologies. myOneLogin uses the TriCipher Armored Credential System (TACS), a flexible, scalable authentication infrastructure proven in demanding financial services environments. TACS has a U.S. government Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 rating.

The myOneLogin service provides end-to-end strong security from the user�s browser all the way to the back-end data encrypted and stored in myOneLogin. The myOneLogin service is hosted in a third-party SAS 70 Type II-certified data center that employs advanced security and protection technologies.

Copyright �2008 TriCipher, Inc. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. TriCipher and myOneLogin are either registered trademarks or trademarks of TriCipher, Inc. All other business and product names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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