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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available."           Thomas Mann, 1896

Using The Business Forum to Develop New Business 

What President, Sales or Marketing Director does not want the opportunity to get in front of a group of potential clients and be able to showcase their expertise?

That is probably why for more than twenty years everyone from the Business Council of the United Nations to the FBI, NASA to Microsoft, Deloitte & Touche to Ernst & Young, Dow Chemical to Watson Wyatt Worldwide to Cisco Systems, Intel, IBM and many more well known and some not so well known organizations, partnerships, companies and governments, have sponsored and continue to sponsor Business Forum events.

We can always bring together between 12 to 25 decision makers for a round table forum luncheon meeting, where the sponsor is sanctioned as the expert, while an experienced moderator controls the flow of the discussion.  More importantly, we can organize it for financially less than any other method, because we only charge our out of pocket costs to organize the event.  Obviously we have rules, but we also have what is probably the best data base of known decision makers on the West Coast, and world wide access to decision makers across the planet through our web site.

We not only provide you with an introduction and personal interaction with people who are able to direct new business to your organization, but you also get the opportunity to conduct one-on-one research into your particular market place and discover the needs, ambitions and the business pain of the organizations represented in the room.

For those organizations not already operating in one of our cities (which is any of the major cities in the western seven states of the United States) you are able to use The Business Forum "to make the arrangements � which means anyone in the world can fly into town and set up a system of networking right away." as one member once put it. You can fly into town in the morning, have lunch, and then fly out the same afternoon with an established network and everything you need to build your pipeline in that city. 

You only have to tell us the area of business where you have expertise (i.e. Finance, Information Systems or Human Resources, etc., etc.) and the type of organization you wish to do business with, and we will do the rest!  As part of our service we will also publish your academic white paper on our web site, and that will literally drive thousands of hits to your web site from all over the world.

You may think that this all sounds just too good to be true - and yet our past sponsors will assure you that it is exactly what we say it is.  Fact.

If you want to know more, no sales pressure - just a logical explanation, contact us at:

[email protected]

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