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A Business Forum Round Table Luncheon
The Downtown Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles, California
Governing the Delivery of Quality Business-Critical Software
 With Experts provided by:  IBM Rational

For the benefit of those of our members and supporters who could not
attend the meeting we present the following white papers, with contacts

Software Testing as a Strategic Business Advantage

Developer testing, user testing, outsourced testing, ad-hoc testing. However it works in your organization, testing plays a crucial role in the successful delivery of today�s complex, heterogeneous, business-critical software systems. As software development is becoming more sophisticated, companies are discovering that when armed with the right tools, processes, and people - testing teams add tremendous value in solving the complex problem of delivering high quality enterprise software systems.

This realization comes at a critical time - when IT organizations and development teams are being asked to address a new set of challenges. Predicting the ability of software systems to be self-managing and self-healing, rapid assembling and testing of services-based applications, managing outsourced testing projects, and using test and validation processes to support regulatory compliance audits; these are all new challenges that even the most savvy IT organizations struggle with. Faced with these new challenges, the focus on processes and tools to improve quality, customer satisfaction, and company agility has never been higher.

Software Quality Management from IBM:

Quality software delivery is entering a new era. For years, chief information officers (CIOs) have indicated that one of their top priorities is aligning IT with business objectives. Faced with pressure to innovate, grow and change with marketplace demands, businesses are now committed to acting on this priority. According to a 2006 IBM survey,1 65 percent of the world�s top corporate chief executive officers (CEOs) declared that they plan to radically change their companies in the next two years in response to pressures from competitive and marketplace forces. Therefore, today�s IT imperative is to deliver, as quickly as possible and within a fixed budget, quality business-critical software and systems that can support business initiatives addressing the new challenges

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