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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available."           Thomas Mann, 1896

The Business Forum held a Luncheon at
The Westin South Coat Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa, California
on the subject of
The Executive Liability of IT Professionals

With Experts from:   CyberTrust, Inc.

Those accepting our invitation to attend included:

Financial & HR Systems Manger - Orange County Department of Education * Executive Consultant � Experian Information Security Officer - County of Orange Health Care Agency * Managing Partner - HR Solutions Consultancy * Director, Special Projects - Printronix, Inc. * Special Assistant � Hartwell Corporation * CISO Pacific Life Insurance Company * Director Staffing - Executive Career Services * COO - EtherNet Inc. * IT Corporate Audit Manager � WestCorp * Director, Web Development Department - Ricoh Electronics, Inc. Information Service Manager - Rancho Santiago Community College District * Financial & HR Systems Applications Manger - Orange County Dept of Education * Region Engineering Manager - Xerox Corporation CIO - Orange County Department of Education * Manager Strategic IT Security - Pacific Life Insurance Co.

For the benefit of those of our members and supporters who could not
attend the meeting we present the following white paper, with contacts

Forensics Data Handling

Author: Ty Gast
Contributed by: Cybertrust, Inc.

Computer forensics involves the complex task of accurately investigating events or activities on computer systems without adversely affecting the integrity of the data contained on those systems. This is a difficult task to perform properly, requiring expert handling and care. A forensics investigator is asked to answer fundamental questions surrounding an event: who did what, when did they do it, and how was it accomplished?

At the same time, they are expected to take precautions that ensure the integrity of the original data is maintained. To that end, investigators follow precise procedures to safeguard the data while allowing the investigation to proceed. These procedures include maintaining a chain of custody for all evidence material, maintaining the integrity of the data source media, and creating accurate mirror images of data sources. Only after these important steps are taken can an investigator begin the forensics analysis of mirrored data.

Contact for further Information:

CyberTrust, Inc.

Lori Winn 

Office:  707-762-7275
FAX:    707-762-2289

[email protected]

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