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By Cliff Smith


A message from 1st Look Interactive, Inc.

Hello Again, it has been a while since we last spoke and I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you an update on myself and why you are seeing this email with another company listed on it other than 1st Net Technologies, Inc. 

As of January 8, 2001 I have stepped down as President and Director of 1st Net Technologies to start another company called 1st Look Interactive, Inc. For those of you who need further information about the ongoing business of 1st Net Technologies please contact their Senior Vice President Mr. Scott Baker, [email protected] or call him directly at 858-673-6401 as I can no longer assist you with those matters.

1st Look Interactive was incorporated on January 9th.  I will hold a 75% (pre-money) ownership stake in the new company while 1st Net will retains 25% being the idea was developed while I was still working with 1st Net.  We are presently working on the formal business plan and writing the Private Placement Memorandum concurrently.  We are going to be raising between $1-3 million in the first round and although the Venture Capital and Angel money has dried up a bit we expect positive results.

A Corporate Overview:

1st Look Interactive, Inc., is committed to delivering the world’s best technologies products and services to consumers through the creation and development of multiple innovative products.  Users will be provided with an interactive, fun, easy-to-use, reliable, and meaningful source for new technologies, products, education, entertainment, and exploration of the "Information Superhighway" in a family-friendly environment, all delivered on a platform known currently as CD and DVD ROMs. Our product, the 1st Look CD, is a compilation of 50 new technology advances in family-friendly software, games and products delivered Free-of-charge to millions of qualified households throughout America's most-wired cities.

Our first release expected this spring, is to 250,000 qualified households representing 750,000 people throughout San Diego county in conjunction with KyXy Radio,an Infinity Broadcasting station.

Current 1st LookCD sponsors include:

a.  Disney

b.  EarthLink

c.  KyXy 96.5 Radio

d.  San Diego County Credit Union

e.  San Diego Regional Technology Alliance

f.   San Diego and Imperial County Better Business Bureau


g.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation, (National Office)

h.  1st Net Technologies

i.   The Children's Technology Group


k.   DeltaClick

We begin with some great alliances and relationships like the one I value with you.  Many of my relationships have been built over the last 3 1/2 years while at 1st Net and therefore feel compelled to share this new opportunity with you.  I expect to be able to benefit from those past relationships and would like to offer the opportunity for you to participate on the CD at a 15% discount should you feel it's appropriate. (FYI: Standard participation is $9,000 for inclusion on the San Diego 1st LookCD. For you to participate, $7,650.)

For more information on what the new company is all about please visit the link provided by rolling your mouse over the logo at the bottom of this page or visit

I guess now it's up to me if this thing sinks or swims but I like it that way. I swear I wonder why I do this sometimes but at least life is certainly NOT boring.

Drop me a line sometime and let me know your still alive so we can catch up and I'll give you the rest of the story.

All the Best,

Clifford J. Smith
President / CEO

1st Look Interactive, Inc.

11415 West Bernardo Court, San Diego, CA 92127

Tel: 858-673-6400 | Fax: 858-485-1203 | E-mail:

About the Author:

Cliff Smith is a Fellow of the Business Forum Association.  He is the President of 1st Look Interactive, Inc.  Under his initiative, 1st Net Technologies Inc. is a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and The San Diego and Imperial County Better Business Bureau. In 1997, Cliff teamed 1st Net with the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and Pacific Bell to create and develop a presentation titled the "Tour of Technology" for the San Diego Insights 1997 World Conference.

Cliff has represented 1st Net Technologies through public speaking engagements at the San Francisco Money Show where he made a presentation on investor relations marketing services for public companies on the Internet. He also conducted two investor relations marketing workshops at additional Money Shows in both San Francisco and Seattle. Mr. Smith was also a Speaker at the 1998 Regional Investment Banker's Association Conference in Washington, D.C. and in San Francisco where he presented an overview of 1st Net and the company's proprietary technologies regarding affinity- based browsers, content-based routing, email management software and IP telephony.

He appeared as a guest on “World Business Review” hosted by Casper Weinberger in June 1999 where he discussed two of the company’s proprietary technologies including the affinity based browsers and the 1st Net "Interactive Business Cards" used to efficiently and cost-effectively market any e-commerce web based business.

Cliff was the creator and conceptual designer of the company's latest marketing product called the 1st LookCD, effectively bridging the gap between the real world and the Internet, all while leveling the playing field for smaller technology companies to compete on a National level.

You can contact Cliff direct at:

Email:            [email protected]
Web Site:  
(858) 673-6400


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