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Free Useful Website Tools

By George Carson



Building a professional website is one part of having an online presence. Whether you have a traditional storefront, or office, your website will become more visible to potential and current customers/clients.

Every website that is selling a service or product is vying for attention. With billions of pages and millions of websites competing, how do you combat this crowded cyberspace with your website?

Before using any of the tools in this article, be sure all the links are working and all your pages have updated text and the contact information is current.

Use these useful free marketing tools to keep your business website search engine friendly. In turn it will help your website be listed at the top of the major SE�s like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Back Link Anchor Text Checker

Sounds like a mouthful, well that is because it is. Anchor text is what another site will write about the link to your site. It helps to know what anchor text is saying so that you can then contact the other site(s) if the information is wrong, or to update them about your company�s website.

It is also important to have �quality� than quantity back links. The more quality and relevant links that point to your site will further your position with all the search engines.

The Backlink Anchor Text Checker will analyze the anchor text of links directing to your site.

Keywords and Phrases

Everyone knows that keywords and phrases still play a vital role. If you are having trouble coming up with the right keywords, then The Search Combination Tool is a good start. It will create a list of popular keyword combinations that you may not have considered. By following some simple steps you can generate excellent keywords. For example, just enter in a list of related keywords in the first and second box on each line when you use the Search Combination Tool. Then click �create queries� and you will get lists of keyword combinations that are popular in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is a smart idea to then use this information to optimize your site and get more qualified traffic:

Keyword Density

Now that you have a bunch of keywords, be sure you do not overuse them. If you include too many keywords, it is called �stuffing� and the search engines will either rank you very low, or view your site as a spammer. Best practice is to limit the keywords to about 8 or 10. If you have up to 20 on any one page, then you might fall in rankings.

The GoRank Keyword Density Analyzer will analyze the keyword density of your site.

This tool gives you a report on single, two word and three word phrases found on your site and if they are included in the title, alt text, description and more. You can even check a competitor�s site with this tool.

Optimizing Keywords

Another great tool that provides keywords (Website Keyword Suggestions Tool) will actually help you optimize your site for the best key phrases. By using this tool, you can ensure good search engine rankings. By typing the name of your website in the area indicated, this tool will decide what the theme of your site is and generate a list of top keywords, along with their search results.

These are just a few of the many free web tools that are available. Learn how to use them and your site will surpass your competitors.

George Carson is a Fellow of The Business Forum Institute  and he has been active in the advertising arena since 1973.  He has successfully developed unique concepts, programs, designs and corporate campaigns for a variety of local, regional and national accounts.  He founded his own advertising and publicity firm in 1980. Since that time, he has provided the marketing and publicity services to a wide range of clients including: Jeep Corporation, Sir Speedy Corporation, Yamaha Sports, Regal Medial Group, Bell Brand Foods, Laura Scudder�s, CBS radio, Uniden LPGA Golf Tournament, the City of Orange, Universal Studios, Snak King, ASICS sporting goods, La Reina Family Brands, Partition Specialties Inc., MVP RV, Yamaha Music Schools, Encryption Solutions, Inc., McMahon�s RV, amongst others.  As a designer in Los Angeles, California, George co-founded a design studio where he created materials for a variety of television shows and motion pictures: including: �The Sting�, �Kojak�, and �Lombard and Gable�. He also developed campaigns for Kenny Rogers, the Osmonds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Budget Rent-A-Car, Transamerica and Occidental Life. George holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with minors in English and Photography from Cal State University of Long Beach.

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