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A Business Forum Round Table Luncheon
The Westin Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco, California

Managing Identities
With Experts provided by:  Intel Corporation

Those accepting our invitation to attend included:   Deputy Director of Information Technology - County of Alameda * Senior Systems Analyst - County of Alameda * Security Officer - City & County of San Francisco * Information Technology Manager - City & County of San Francisco * Network Operations Director - EDS � Bank of America * Director of Information Technologies - ORCON Corporation * Procurement Specialist - Blue Shield of California * Purchasing Manager - Blue Shield of California * Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer - CSE Insurance Group * Senior Counsel � The Fremont Group * Project Specialist � The Fremont Group * Director Human Resources Data Management - Del Monte Foods Corporation * Advertising Systems Manager - The San Francisco Chronicle * President - Engage Integrated Systems Technology, Inc. * Information Systems Support Specialist - City of Berkeley * County Privacy Officer - County of Napa * Information Systems Manager - San Francisco General Hospital * Director of Human Resources - Bay Area Rapid Transit District

For the benefit of those of our members and supporters who could not
attend the meeting we present the following white paper, with contacts

Manageable Identities

By: Vijay Auluck, Shelagh Callahan and Abhay Dharmadhikari
Contributed by: Intel Corporation

As the world around us grows increasingly digital, so do the identities we use for each other, as well as the identities of devices, processes, and organizations. Most of us have digital identities associated with multiple devices, networks, services and organizations. What we lack is a good way to manage these identities, including the credentials used to access our devices and services, and the policies controlling where and how we expose our identities. This white paper explores a client-based approach to this problem: Intel’s Manageable Identities. Manageable Identities (MID) technology is intended to complement infrastructure-based identity management solutions under development - in standards like the Liberty Alliance and products like Tivoli Identity Manager and others. By providing a consistent, user-focused view, Intel’s Manageable Identities facilitate the ways people interact with the devices, networks and services they use every day.

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