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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available."           Thomas Mann, 1896


The Business Forum Journal

The mission of The Business Forum Institute is to provide decision makers, leaders, historians, policy makers, students and teachers in Business, Government and Academia all over the world,�with access to facts, expertise, experience and qualified opinion that will assist them in their endeavors to achieve success.

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The Business Forum Journal August 2010

Think Cash

  Tony Dalton


  Henry Goldman

   Attributes of a Silicon Valley CEO

  Dave Gardner  

Attitude Is Everything

  Thomas Northup            

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Editorial Policy

Nothing you read in The Business Forum Journal should ever be construed to be the opinion of, statements condoned by, or advice from, The Business Forum, its staff, workers, officers, members, directors, sponsors or shareholders.  We pass no opinion whatsoever on the content of what we publish, nor do we accept any responsibility for the claims, or any of the statements made, within anything published herein.  We merely aim to provide an academic forum and an information sourcing vehicle for the benefit of the business and the academic communities of the Pacific States of America and the World.  Therefore, readers must always determine for themselves where the statistics, comments, statements and advice that are published herein are gained from and act, or not act, upon such entirely and always at their own risk.  We accept absolutely no liability whatsoever, nor do we take any responsibility for what anyone does, or does not do, based upon what is published herein, or information gained through the use of links to other web sit herein.                                                      Please refer to our:  legal disclaimer

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