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JANUARY 24TH, 2003


SPAM is something I hate - every morning I spend a lot of time deleting emails offering me mortgages, pornography or one thing or another I have no wish to have or know about. So you can imagine my surprise to have three emails this last week telling me that my emails were coming so fast and furious, as to have little more use to many of the people who got them than Spam.

Why would someone in Seattle want emails about upcoming meetings in San Diego? Strange as it may seem it really did not even occur to me; I have an announcement, so I send it to my members, friends and supporters. It is simple, load up the mailing program and click send.

So this email is to apologize for my lack of consideration, and to offer a possible way to overcome it and put it right.

In future I will send out only one email a week - THE BUSINESS FORUM - CALENDAR- REPORT. Special Invitations will in future ONLY be sent for SEATTLE to people who can attend in SEATTLE, etc., etc.

Obviously, I now need to build several databases instead of just one, therefore I need everyone to actually tell me which city I should send them invitations for. You can do that by logging onto the link below, completing the information and submitting it back to me.

Please Note:
If you want no invitations at all just click on "General List" in the Invitation Options and you will just get the once a week mailing.


For other Up-Coming Meetings

Go to:


Please Note: If your email program does not support the above links, cut and paste it into your browser and click on GO.

Kindest regards:

John Hathaway-Bates


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To include your friends and associates in our mailings of invitations and updates just send us an email with their email address and we shall include them in our next mailing.

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