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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for

their presentation is provided or available."           Thomas Mann, 1896

This site www.bizforum.org was first registered on February 3rd, 1995 when there were less than 20,000 web sites in the world.   A few months later the Central Intelligence  Agency
 launched its site. 0thers like NYTimes, Craigslist, MapQuest, Apple and Adobe followed a year or so later and today there are
a billion + web sites out there with us.   (Web Server Survey

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 British Columbia

State of Hawaii

View from 72 km above 36�N 114�W

66.8571,144.8571 66.8571,134.5714 66.8571,124.2857 66.8571,114.0000 66.8571,103.7143 66.8571,93.4286 66.8571,83.1429 56.5714,144.8571 56.5714,134.5714 56.5714,124.2857 56.5714,114.0000 56.5714,103.7143 56.5714,93.4286 56.5714,83.1429 46.2857,144.8571 46.2857,134.5714 46.2857,124.2857 46.2857,114.0000 46.2857,103.7143 46.2857,93.4286 46.2857,83.1429 36.0000,144.8571 36.0000,134.5714 36.0000,124.2857 36.0000,114.0000 36.0000,103.7143 36.0000,93.4286 36.0000,83.1429 25.7143,144.8571 25.7143,134.5714 25.7143,124.2857 25.7143,114.0000 25.7143,103.7143 25.7143,93.4286 25.7143,83.1429 15.4286,144.8571 15.4286,134.5714 15.4286,124.2857 15.4286,114.0000 15.4286,103.7143 15.4286,93.4286 15.4286,83.1429 5.1429,144.8571 5.1429,134.5714 5.1429,124.2857 5.1429,114.0000 5.1429,103.7143 5.1429,93.4286 5.1429,83.1429

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world map,  or the hemisphere centred on this location

Satellite data provided by The Living Earth Inc./Earth Imaging  � 1996, All Rights Reserved.

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