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International Human Resources Management

Sponsors: Polak International Consultants Inc.

Seattle    Wednesday, February 27th, 2001
The Four Seasons Hotel
411 University Street, Seattle

RESERVATION REQUIRED - Luncheon Meeting - 11:45am until 1:30pm

The topic of this Business Forum Luncheon discussion is the application of cross-border, cross culture Human Resources management and will be of particular interest to director level decision makers with multi-national operations. 

Today, as more and more companies are recruiting overseas, acquiring foreign units and moving some operations offshore, there has probably never been a more apt time to bring together a group of seasoned HR professionals, to discuss the implications and try to develop the new systems necessary to provide safeguards and policies, management and guidance, for what is obviously a growing trend in sourcing and maintaining productivity on a global basis.

In that this will be an open discussion, rather than a presentation, it will allow for the input of experiences and in depth analysis of the opportunities and pitfalls facing HR Directors in the changing world of staffing.  In particular it will cover such things as evaluation, hiring, retention, morale, ex-patriot relocations and policy setting in foreign jurisdictions and cultures - as well as multi-location procedure controls.

This will be a closed meeting - by invitation only. Numbers will be limited to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the discussion. There is of course no cost and no obligation placed upon our guests by attending and valet parking will be paid.

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When & Where:  February 27th, 2001 - Four Seasons Hotel, Seattle 



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