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Los Angeles, California
Thursday, July 25th, 2002 
- 11:45am to 1:30pm

 This will be a Round Table Luncheon Meeting

Connectivity & Integration
for Corporate HRIS & Benefits

 Sponsors: Northrop Grumman I.T. & RemoteNet Corporation

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     930 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90017

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The last decade has seen a revolution in managing Human Resources data, Compensation & Benefits, however it has also been a time of implementing new technologies while maintaining some of the older platforms and systems. So therefore it is no surprise that HR is facing some rather important questions at a time when budgets are not what they were a couple of years ago and blind faith in technology is now the philosophy of those who have little or nothing to do with implementing it, or making it work.

Our experience proves that the following three questions occupy more than a little of the HR and IT conversations these days:

  • How can I easily connect my internal ERP data to my outsourced Benefits data?

  • How can I ensure that Personnel data from multiple application sources
    are rolling up effectively to a centralized HR repository?

  • How can I provide more timely and efficient Benefits-related support to
    my employees and their families?

So we thought that bringing together a table of HR and IT decision makers with experts from providers who specialize in providing answers for these very questions might make for a very interesting discussion.

Why not join us for lunch and pose your questions to the experts?  We in turn will promote an open debate to discuss it all.

There is of course no cost and no obligation whatsoever placed upon
our guests by attending and even their valet parking will be paid.



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