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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
 their presentation is provided or available"     -      Thomas Mann, 1896

A Business Forum Panel Discussion Luncheon

San Francisco, California

Thursday, January 29th, 2004  - 11:45am to 1:30pm

Audit, Deployment, Management & Protection Profiling

With a Panel of Experts from the following Organizations:

Guidance Software, Inc.  -  Intellitactics, Inc.  -  Northrop Grumman Information Systems Rainbow Technology, Inc.  -  Siegeworks, Inc.  -  Solsoft, Inc.  -  SSP Solutions, Inc.

No Cost, No Obligation, and a fine lunch with your peers!

   The Saint Francis Hotel
Click on Picture of Hotel for details

The Saint Francis Suite
Union Square, San Francisco, California

Long before 9/11 we had viruses, hackers, disgruntled employees, industrial espionage and identity theft and other cyber threats, and yet it seems that with every month since 9/11 the threats and need to counter them grows.  Last month we put out an opinion (Letter) that Security was fast moving to the point of becoming a profession that will soon be equal to all of the other "Chief" categories of organizational responsibility.  The response was tremendous, we got more "hits" on that one piece than we ever expected (6,586 in less than twenty four hours).

Then came the flood of requests for a comprehensive "Forum" on the subject.  Emails and phone calls that requested we assemble a panel of experts from all aspects of security threat management to meet with and answer the questions of, CIO's, CTO's, CSO's, CFO's, CEO's, IT Directors, Risk Managers and Security Directors and HRIS Directors.  

So we are organizing a series of Business Forum Luncheons that will bring experts in all areas of security management into the room to answer the questions of our guests. Apart from what you will take away from a specific discussion on the subject between your peers and leading experts, you will also learn about new technologies and systems that we believe will allow you to ensure a balance between higher security, cost and user friendly deployment.

We ask our friends and supporters who do not themselves qualify to attend this event, to forward this invitation to the relevant decision maker within their organization.

There is of course absolutely no cost and no obligation whatsoever 
placed upon our guests who attend - even valet parking will be paid.


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Panel Discussion Luncheons

Panel Luncheons are geared to dealing with complicated subjects, presenting a panel of experts from a wide variety of disciplines.  The guests are seated at tables that face a head table set on a raised platform, so that our guests are assured eye contact with the speakers.  The moderator moves around the room which allows him to take a microphone to those guests who wish to pose a question to the group.