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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available"     -      Thomas Mann, 1896

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Portland, Oregon

Thursday, October 18th, 2007  - 11:45am to 1:30pm

 Experts will be Attending from Array Networks Inc.

A Multi-Layer Approach to Information Systems Security

Array Networks Inc. employs a defensive in-depth approach to security with a multi-layer SSL firewall built on Array’s proprietary SpeedStackTM, which is a networking architecture where every single flow (associated stream of packets) is inspected in both directions. Inspection of packets is done at multiple layers of the OSI stack. However, the beauty of the architecture lies in the underlying implementation where no data is ever copied, or otherwise moved around, and all duplication of work is therefore eliminated. If a certain piece of work has already been dealt with at a particular layer and the information is required for a subsequent piece of work at a different layer, the information is made available without the second layer ever needing to repeat the same work.

    The Benson Hotel
    Click on Picture of Hotel for details
The Conference Room
     309 Southwest Broadway, Portland Oregon 97205

If you have any questions regarding this meeting, please call 310-550-1984 or email us at [email protected]

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placed upon our guests who attend - even valet parking will be paid.

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Business Forum Round Table Luncheons put all of our guests, the moderator and the experts from the host organization at the same table, in an open conversation that is allowed to develop after everyone has introduced themselves. These smaller forums are particularly suited to the introduction of new technologies, services and products in great detail and allow for an interactive, intimate and stimulating conversation. They are ideal for dealing with ideas or policy, as the moderator always ensures that everybody is given time to contribute to the conversation, should they wish to join in the debate.

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