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Communicating Employee Benefits Via The Internet

Sponsor: Baker Thomsen Associates

The series of Forum Luncheons we held on the subject of The Role of the CHRO in the 21st Century pointed above all to the influence of technology on handling of Benefits and Communications in today's HR function. Therefore, we shall be holding a Forum Luncheon on the subject of hosting an Internet site to assist you with communicating your employee benefits, which is now an easily and quickly attainable goal. The discussion will help you establish what you need to know to allow employees to access, ask and answer questions concerning group employee benefits via the Internet. Some of the comments from past attendees:

Has there ever been a technological advance like the Internet better designed for employee benefits communications (than say, perhaps, the printing press)?

The Department of Labor was notified of 136,000 legal actions filed regarding alleged COBRA violations, 28% named their broker - consultants - benefits manager in the action, with an average legal bill of $32,000 being paid to defend each claim! The Internet allows the posting of the most recent changes to COBRA forms (along with State variations).

If the Internet saves me answering just one employee's question at 2 am in the morning, is it worth it? Read last year's Health Insurance Portability Act and you will see the first ever codification where, if State law is more favorable than Federal, State law prevails. The Internet can definitely help you.

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