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Maximizing Network Productivity

Sponsor: Data General Corporation

Most organizations today face a challenge of providing fast, easy, cost effective application deployment across enterprise networks and corporate Intranets, while improving customer service and increasing employee productivity. If you still have 286, 386 or 486's out there and sometimes wish they were all Pentiums, but flinch at the budget implications, this is a forum for you. If, just by chance, you have a little envy between users and would also like to return the control to the server, making updates easier and less expensive, again, this is a debate you should not miss. We have discovered a solution that many of our members already employ, that can aid you to arm your employees and end-users with an economical, efficient, real-time way to access and exchange data over any dial-up, LAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet connection.

The product is called Citrix and we will bring experts on it's implementation and management to answer your questions and lead the debate with your peers. IT Directors who want to reduce the cost of delivering critical windows applications to their users throughout their enterprise, regardless of the client device or network connection would be especially welcome.

Just telling our IT members and supporters that they can probably significantly reduce the cost of application ownership, while supporting access to mission critical applications should produce a healthy response to this invitation. If we add that you could improve remote application performance by as much as 80%, we know we will get your attention. Therefore we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.

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