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Protecting Against Hackers Employing Encryption Technology

Sponsor: Cylink Corporation

If there is one nightmare that can keep an Information Systems Manager up all night - it would contain the word "HACKER". The Hacker, the really professional and competent one that is, who decides to target your organization, could make any CIO wish he had gone in to professional sports instead of making his or her career with a computer.

Now, with Electronic Commerce fast becoming the way of the present, let alone what it may become in the not too distant future, the idea of a Hacker targeting you gets serious. We are very fast becoming a net-worked society in the fields of banking, business, government and communications, and today an experienced Hacker can commit a crime from anywhere on earth from a comfortable room on the other side of the world. A disgruntled employee, customer or just a malicious teenager with the proper knowledge and equipment, can satisfy his or her need for revenge without ever placing a foot on company property. They could log in thousands of bogus orders, or just tie up your system in a thousand ways most of us have never even thought of.

We thought it might be a valuable experience for our members and supporters to bring one of the most respected IT security scientists in the industry today to a Business Forum discussion and let him share his experience and knowledge with us. This speaker has addressed our members before and received rave reviews, so we suggest you might not want to miss this lunch.

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