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The Comprehensive Accident Plan Concept

Sponsor: Cassidy Employment Benefit Services

This will be a luncheon for about a dozen senior executives from the largest of LA's employers and will deal with only the risk management concerns of an unlucky accident while traveling on business, which not only affects the senior executive themself, but could also severely impact the operation of the business venture for which they are responsible. In today's "lean and efficient" organization, such an occurrence can be catastrophic.

Recent legal opinions have exposed what could well be huge liabilities for employers under the "reasonable care" doctrine being adopted by the Courts. With HR and Benefits departments more committed for time than ever, dealing with everything from Health Plans to 401(k) compliance, Americans with Disabilities, Sexual Harassment and wrongful dismissal policies, many firms have neglected this very important part of Risk Management - to their cost. We have no doubt that large employers not only risk high costs of "covering" for an injured senior executive, and may well think that they have adequate programs in place, when in fact our information is that it is not until the first call is made that they discover just how the "rules" have changed. We suggest that you schedule to join us at this Luncheon with one of the leading experts in this field, as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. It will fill very quickly.

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