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Achieving Rapid Business Impact
Thru The Strategic Application Of IT

Sponsor: SCT System & Computer Technology Corporation

The staggering pace of change in Information Technology as it is applied to manufacturing, distribution and Research & Development is well known to anyone operating in the Business World of today. However, as we strive to maintain lean and efficient organizations moving into and through the Global Economy, there is not always time to keep abreast of the latest changes and innovations available, and even if there were enough time, finding the qualified talent to implement change is becoming a greater challenge with every day. To this end, we have located an organization that makes a speciality of assisting senior executives in up-grading their systems and bringing rapid solutions to advanced systems.

If your organization is involved in manufacturing, research & development, or other "hard" operations this is a Business Forum discussion you should not miss. Managing Strategic Change has become ever more important as we move from legacy systems seeking new and improved, more effective and more economical solutions in "hard" industry. CFO's, CEO's, COO's and CIO's will enjoy this discussion - we guarantee it. Accepting that we are all playing with fast changing business models and the senior decision maker is today expected to find the answers to questions yet to be voiced - be pro-active, because re-active always comes in second - this Luncheon discussion will bring together senior decision makers from manufacturing, R&D; and operations to learn the latest methods for deciding, and then implementing, strategic change to the application of Information Technology. Join us for Lunch and stay ahead, it will be enlightening.

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