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The Global Economy An In-depth Update

Sponsor: Ernst & Young LLP - International Tax Unit and The State Of California Office Of Strategic Technology & Office Of Export Development

California has become a center for international trade second to none over the last decade or so, and the current international situation, from the Asian Crisis to the pending introduction of the Euro by the European Union has changed the stakes for everyone.

This forum will concentrate upon how Californian companies and organizations can benefit from the present situation and will also discuss the art of avoiding the numerous pitfalls that were not around a year ago. At the last meeting we held on this subject several representatives from foreign governments attended and the discussion ranged into a future watch that was absolutely stimulating. The opportunities presenting themselves at this time have never been greater, yet at the same time without some understanding of the long term effects of the changes taking place all around the world, international trade could become a mine field. Whether you are with a small job shop or a multi-national organization this is one forum discussion you most definitely should not miss. Everything from international tax changes to export assistance programs from the State, from political changes to foreign materials sourcing and distribution and manufacturing paradigms will be discussed. If you can get free for a free lunch on the 1st of September you should attend. Seats are limited to ensure that everyone has a chance to join in the discussion.

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