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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
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Network Convergence Automating The Business Process

Sponsor: 3-Com Corporation

The very latest in Information Technology Management is Network Convergence, the paradigm shift in network management if you will, that will improve strategic development of everything from network management to communications control, video conferencing to call center organization.

Information technology professionals from the Chief Information Officer to the LAN manager and security director will benefit from this discussion, as it will cover every aspect of network design, implementation and management. A decade from now intranets within an organization will have moved beyond anything we can even imagine today, even if you have attended discussions on everything from microwave communication to electronic commerce, there is no doubt that without constant update and investigation the wide ranging developments and innovation taking place all around us will soon leave us behind.

This forum we expect to be one of the essential intelligence gathering opportunities that will be available to you this year, therefore we will be accepting multiple reservations from member organizations wherever it is necessary.

However, we suggest you reserve your place as soon as possible as we shall limit the number of places at this luncheon to ensure that everyone has the chance to join in this discussion and voice their questions and concerns.

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