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eCommerce Sales & Marketing
Product Launch and Downline Distribution

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Sales & Marketing, Product Launch & downline Distribution have been changed forever with the advent of the Internet and eCommerce. However, the rate of application of this new technology and relevant processes has not been even across the spectrum of business. Some organizations, notably those within the high technology or global trading sector, are far ahead of other segments of the business community.

Yet the need to embrace eCommerce has not been equaled since the advent of the telephone and, in part, because Sales & Marketing is a "people profession", many organizations have not yet taken full advantage of this new avenue of service to their agents, distributors and clients, to the level they should have done. Webridge and MCI Systemhouse are amongst the leaders in the application of this technology and have some of the most advanced, yet easy to implement and use, web based tools out there right now, according to several of our members.

This technology can cut "Product Launch to Profit" time by a factor of five, and can improve distributor and client customer service levels far beyond what most practitioners would believe possible. As any marketing professional knows, availability of up-to-date product information and availability to ship, are amongst the most important tools in their operation, especially so with a new product launch. This forum is designed by both Marketing and Sales Directors and profit driven CEO's and CIO's looking for the best solutions, as ever this forum will be conducted as an open discussion.

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