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Estate Tax Protection For Small Business Owners

Sponsor: BTA Advisory Group

The Small Business is the backbone of American Industry, however many small business owners are too busy working and building the business to realize that much of the value of what they leave their heirs may well disappear into the expensive net of Estate Taxes. It does not seem fair that after years of working worrying, building and sometimes facing more stress than anyone should ever have to just survive the regular downturns in the economic cycle, the rewards end up being redistributed out of the hands of your loved ones and into the impersonal hands of Uncle Sam. Especially when there are steps you can take to prevent it. The law (as ever) is complicated and yet there are many ways that you can actually pass ion the majority of what you have worked so hard to build to those you spent your life building it for. All too many businesses disappear because "the tax man cometh". Also, all too many heirs watch their inheritance get cut by what to them appears to be unfair sharing with the Government.

This Forum will allow you to understand the many ways available for you to protect the value of what you have worked all your life to achieve. You will also have the chance to pose your questions, and hear the questions posed by your peers, as we delve into the measures you can take to protect what is yours. Obviously we shall have to limit the number of places at this "no cost and no obligation" open discussion luncheon, therefore we suggest you reserve your place soon as possible to prevent disappointment.

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