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The Euro: How It Will Affect You

Sponsor: CAP Gemini America Inc

Industries in America should learn and understand how the advent of a new European currency will affect them, especially if they are already doing business on a global scale, or considering selling or sourcing from outside of the United States. If your business already does business in Europe or Asia or if you source from these countries, you may be forced into doing business in Euros, as those companies that you deal with may be paying for or selling their own products into Europe.

The second issue affected by the Euro will be pricing. Companies already selling into Europe may need to re-examine their pricing strategy, as some countries, such as France, will be displaying dual pricing (ie: Euro & Francs) from the outset.

Initially the Euro will replace 11 national currencies and within two years that number will grow to 15, including the British Pound. It is possible that other European countries, such as Poland, may well adopt the Euro even though they are not officially a part of the European Union.

From January 1999 the Euro will begin to challenge the Dollar and the Yen as an international trading currency, and this will have a major effect on every company involved in the Global Economy now dealing exclusively in dollars as the leading currency of trade. If you are involved in global trade, and who is not? We suggest you make the time to attend the Forum Luncheon discussion.

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