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Information Technology 
Effective Project Management

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The field of Information Technology management has moved through many phases to arrive at its present organizational role of tactical and strategic information and management provision to the executives of our major governments and organizations. What was once a reactive occupation to directives from above has become a strategic necessity in IT strategic direction for most organizations. From writing innovative programs to Y2K projects, trend analysis projections to manufacturing reorganizations, the field of information technology has become a world of closed ended projects, rather than the ongoing provision of data processing and financial spread sheets. No CIO or IS Director has all the answers, and none of us can keep up with the doubling and trebling of "must read" releases that cross our desk every day.

So we delegate, hire consultants, build system implementation teams and hire in expertise for enterprise wide solutions, all of which are untried and untested territory the moment we engage in their implementation. Project management techniques are changing and improving almost as fast as information technology itself, and cultural and personnel problems have as much to do with a successful technology conclusion these days as the chips, boards and programs we install.

This forum will gather a group of seasoned professionals with the more forward thinking experts to discuss the problems we all share and try to identify solutions. For any CIO or IS Director in a fast growing or changing organization this luncheon should be very beneficial.

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