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Y2K Project Dealing With Embedded Chips

Sponsor: Solutions Plus Inc

The Business Forum has probably held more meetings on the Year 2000 Problem than any other organization since we held our first Y2K meeting in 1995. The one area of the Y2K Project we have not been able to deal with (until now) was the frightening one of embedded chips. We have now found an organization which specializes in the arena and has successfully worked or is presently working with several of our members. From what we have been told we may have found the answer for the last great challenge of the millennium bug. So we are inviting our members and friends of our members to join us for a luncheon discussion with the experts.

As our whole civilization these days runs almost completely on the control of technology by embedded chips (boards), from hydroelectric dams to microwave ovens, having the knowledge that this luncheon will provide might just be the difference between the lights staying on or going out January 1st 2000.

We would advise all our members, supports and friends to make sure that they if they can not personally attend this discussion they designate a suitable representative to attend on their behalf. This subject will only come around once before the millennium dawns.

Obviously, there is every chance that this luncheon will be greatly over-subscribed, so we suggest that you register early to avoid any possible disappointment.

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