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Legacy Systems Interplay Active Enterprise Middleware

Sponsor: Compuware Corporation

Most organizations know well the slowing affect on change brought about by having to work with legacy systems. In fact maintaining a competitive edge in today's technology based businesses means being able to incorporate intellectual capital contained in those very legacy systems into the ongoing development of the business applications of the organization.

The CIO or Systems Manager needs to be able to run his or her older systems in compatible interface with newer applications and present needs, many of which were not even considered when the older systems were planned and implemented. It is rather like enabling grandfather to play ball with his grand kids, there are limits to everything. And yet.... if grand dad could be fitted with bionic legs and a new heart it is just possible he might play ball as good as the teenagers. Not an exact analogy, but we hope interesting enough to get you to attend this luncheon on system wide infrastructure up-date applications. Redeveloping systems quick enough to accommodate the increasing demands and the pace of change in business and technology advances requires looking beyond the speed of development and redesigning systems that both anticipate change and bring into play the intellectual capital contained in your existing legacy systems. Of all the needs in today's world, (Y2K, etc.) there has never been a better time to restudy the architecture upon which our technology based businesses

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