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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available."           Thomas Mann, 1896

The Technocrat Enterprise

A Business Forum Panel Discussion Luncheon

The Saint Francis Hotel, San Francisco, California

With a Panel of Experts from the following Organizations:

CCHKnowledgePoint Inc. - Candle Corporation - FrontBridge Inc. - Intel Corporation

Those accepting our invitation included:

APL Limited - HRIS Director * Applied Materials, Inc. - Senior Director, Global Security * Australian-American Chamber of Commerce - Executive Director * Bank of America - Network Systems Officer * City & County of San Francisco - Security Officer * City & County of San Francisco - Technical Service Manager * Contra Costa County - Deputy CIO and Chief Information Security Officer * County of Alameda - Deputy Director, Information Technology * County of Alameda - Human Resources Director * County of Alameda - Senior Software Analyst * County of Alameda - Senior Software Analyst * CSE Insurance Group - Technology Manager * Dodson-Edgar�s Associates - Director * Fireman's Fund Insurance Company - Privacy & Security Manager * Fremont Group - Director of Human Resources * Fremont Group - Senior Counsel * GB Associates � Principal * Lockheed Martin Corporation - Senior Staff Consulting Director, Information Security * Orcon Corporation - CIO & Director of Information Technologies * San Francisco State University - Executive Director Information Systems * Swinerton Incorporated - Director of Information Technology * The Asia Foundation - Director of Human Resources * Government of Victoria - Business Office - Investment Manager * Wells Fargo Bank - Vice President - Security

For the benefit of those of our members and supporters who could not attend the meeting we present the
following white papers, with contacts who should be able to help you in your search for answers and solutions.

SIM Based WLAN Authentication for Open Platforms
Contributed by Intel Corporation

Wireless LAN (WLAN)
Contributed by Intel Corporation

Protecting Messaging Systems From Spam, Viruses, and Other Threats
Contributed by FrontBridge Technologies Inc.

Attack Trees: It's a Jungle out there.
Contributed by: Candle Corporation

WebSphere Application Server & Database Performance Tuning
Contributed by: Candle Corporation

Software-Aided Performance Management
Contributed by CCHKnowledgePoint Inc.

Contacts for further Information:

CCHKnowledgePoint Inc.

John Lucan
707.762.0333 (1327)

[email protected]

Candle Corporation

Michael Lundblad
[email protected]

FrontBridge Technologies, Inc.

Jesse Villa
[email protected]

Intel Corporation

Ken Salzberg
[email protected]

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