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"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
  their presentation is provided or available."           Thomas Mann, 1896


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      1984, Brave New World, the King James Bible and the American Constitution, were
      all written by well educated old Englishmen who merely wanted people to THINK!
       Little events ~ the Magna Carta, Freedom of Speech, Abolition of Slavery, invention
       of electricity, individual property rights, industrial revolution, antibiotics, jet engines,
       freedom of religion, railways, steam engines, postage stamps, police forces, theory
       of evolution, umbrellas, Viagra, flush toilets, refrigerators, seed drills, television, the
       English language, radar, television, machine guns, stainless steel & steam engines
       battle tanks, vacuum cleaners, submarines, tin cans, electric motors, rubber bands
       internal combustion engines,
Etc. Etc., were all invented by old English gentlemen.

All that I can hope for is that some people may
think that I am a well educated old Englishman


   I will offer a hypothesis - you prove me wrong or send me a message of congratulation.

Respond to:  [email protected]    spinning_6.gif - (6K)   and the responses were      

As my grandfather used to say, "Come into my study and we can talk about it".

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The Business Forum Journal

A Little Bantering~Just for Fun

John Hathaway-Bates
President & Executive Director
The Business Forum Institute

John was born and educated in Oxford, England. He served with the Royal Air Force in the 1950’s serving in Africa, the Persian Gulf and on the Arabian Peninsula.  During the 1960’s he was the lead singer with The Tribe, and later with The Foundation in Britain.  He also had a contract as a song writer with Acuff Rose, Nashville, Tennessee.

In the 1960's and the 1970’s he was recognized as one of the leading commercial Interior Designers in Britain, and worked on projects for many multi-national corporations, restaurants and academic institutions. He wrote the "Contract Procedure and Specification Advice" sections of the Architect's and Specifier's Guide Series (A4 Publications, Ltd.) and he innovated and wrote for The Office Planner (Benn Brothers Ltd.) He has also had published several articles on "Color, Texture & Design", and wrote a  weekly column for Westminster Newspapers Ltd.  He wrote the "Executive Guide to Office Space Planning and Design" (American Management Association.)

John has been the President, Managing Director or Corporate Vice President for several multi-national corporations in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and the United States of America.

John moved to the United States in 1979; and in 1982 founded The Business Forum in Beverly Hills, California.  At the time of establishing The Business Forum, John was also recognized as an accomplished Commercial Tactician on four continents.

John has during his career been elected a Fellow of the British Society of Commerce, the Institute of Buyers, the British Institute of Directors, the British Institute of Administrative Accountants, the Institute of Purchasing and Supply; and was elected to be a member of the British Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Management and the British Institute of Journalists.

John has written several books on Marketing, including: ”Tactics" (Nerthus Publications), and "How to Promote Your Business"; and "How to Organize Your Marketing" (Asigan International Inc.) he also wrote "Fast Track Marketing in a Global Economy" (Van Nostrum Reinhold)  

John has had published many articles in Europe and America and he has lectured on four Continents (Europe, North America, Asia and Africa) at Universities and to professional audiences on subjects ranging from business development to international accounting, office management and interior design, garden design and in-flight cuisine to international marketing and management. 

John has written and lectured on etiquette and business ethics. He is also a professional artist with regular exhibitions and his paintings hang today in many countries around the world.

His new novel The Khanlarians is presently with several European and American competing potential publishers.

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