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Overseas Territories or Possessions
of the Republic of Finland

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Key to Reading our World Information Pages

Please Note: For you to be able to gain full value from this web site you will need to learn what all of the symbols below mean.  Various data bases throughout the world show different statistics, and so we have done our best to check with governments and some other reliable sources (including our friends, members, supporters and our many contacts in the Diplomatic Corps and the International Media Community, living in the countries involved). If you should find a mistake on our site, or just know a better source of facts and data; please let us know.

We have linked each country to the United Nations - Country Statistics. (If the UN does not provide data we have used National Statistics). Click on the country's flag to access this information.


                 animated large gold symbol of Islam               budded cross     Greek cross     gold buddhist wheel animated    animated gold OM, large    anamated large gold Star of David     3D Animation : red star   90%
Islamic   Catholic  Protestant Orthodox  Syncretism Buddhism  Hinduism Judaism  Communism                

                    The majority Religion of each Country is listed using a recognized symbol
RELIGION below), the % number is the estimated size of the Majority.

Embassy   Each country's Embassy located in Washington DC is shown thus.

  British Foreign Office Travel Advice for business and tourist travellers.

United Nations Mission 
The Nation's permanent mission to the United Nations.

Heraldic royal crown  Constitutional Monarchy  When a Country is a Constitutional Monarchy it is shown thus.

Languages   A listing of the languages spoken in the country.

Travel Guide  
All you need to know if travelling to the country.

Pictures   Pictures of the country, its people and its cities.

Universities   A listing of major Universities within the country.

BBC   British Broadcasting Corporation Country Profile

Etiquette, Customs and Protocol Guide

Country Profiles

        United States Central Intelligence Agency 

  U.S. Department of State - Great Seal       United States Department of State

   British Foreign & Commonwealth Office

 Australian Coat of Arms.png    Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

       Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China
 Bundesadler Bundesorgane.svg
   German Federal Foreign Office

  MID emblem.png       Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation  (Use Site Search)

  EUEA      European Union External Action

   Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs

       United Nations Children's Fund

      World Bank Report  

     World Health Organization

    World Trade Organization

 International Monetary Fund

    Freedom House Report

Small Spinning Earth Globe Animation   Prison Population Statistics

      Amnesty International Report

  The Maltese Cross     Data on Human Trafficking & Slavery

     Transparency International Corruption Report

    Link to overview of country listed, including political and topographic maps.

 National Intelligence Services 

Population January 2014

 -  Population Growth Reference Bureau Data Finder Information. The % after the entry is the Growth or Decline in native population expected between 2000 and 2050 (not including migrations.)

U.S. State Dept. Trafficking in Human Beings Report -  US Department of State Report.

U.S. State Dept. Human Rights Report - US Department of State Country Briefs on Human Rights.

Age of Consent. - Legal Age of Sexual Consent.   Source

International Migration Profile - United Nations Data on Migration.  Source

National Intelligence Quotient - The Average Intelligence Quotient is 100. Source

Armed Forces -  Includes various data on Land, Sea and Air Forces and Budgets.

United States US AID Payments   - U.S. authorized financial aid to foreign Nations.

News Sources -  English Language Local News sources.

Newspaper  -  National Newspapers & Business Publications published in English.

Stock Exchange- Stock Exchanges that are presented real-time in English.

Chambers of Commerce  Link takes you to the World Chambers Network.�

Wikipedia Overview - Link takes you to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

Current Conflicts - Link takes you to an update on conflicts the Nation is engaged in.

   Currency exchange rates for Local Currency

  Local weather conditions today

     Local Time

Fiji Sunset. Island Vulnerability  

Animated flag of Arab League  Member of the League of Arab States

  Member of the British Commonwealth of Nations (The British Empire)

Animated Flag of OAS (Organization of American States)      Member of the Organization of American States

Animated Flag of OAU (Organization of African Unity)      Member of the African Union

Animated Flag of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)       Member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Animated Flag of European Union     Member of the European Union

     Member of the Association of South East Asian Nations

Animated Flag of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)  Member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (ex-Soviet Union)

TODAY'S NEWS - News relating to the country from around the world.

  This symbol indicates that the State Department of the United States Government has
  deemed that this Country is considered a State Sponsor of International Terrorism.



animated large gold symbol of Islam

Map of the Muslim World
(Showing Sunni & Shia Majorities)


Catholic   Protestant   budded cross Orthodox

Greek cross 
The combination of different systems of philosophical or religious belief or
practice, often incorporating some Christian beliefs and Bible  references.


gold buddhist wheel animated


animated gold OM, large


anamated large gold Star of David


3D Animation : red star

Major Religious Groups of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents

A Basic Overview of the World's Major Religions

Alphabetical Listing of Alternative Religions

Map of Religious Majorities by State in the United States of America

Largest Religious Groups in the United States of America


The States of Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan are the four
governments that the United States Secretary of State
has designated�as being state sponsors of terrorism.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Nations with Overseas Territories & Possessions

      (AUSTRALIA)   Commonwealth of Australia
People's Republic of China
         (DENMARK)  Kingdom of Denmark
        (FRANCE)  French Republic 
       (FINLAND)  Republic of Finland
        (NETHERLANDS)  Kingdom of the Netherlands
      (NEW ZEALAND)  New Zealand
       (NORWAY)   Kingdom of Norway
        (PORTUGAL)  Portuguese Republic
           (SPAIN)  Kingdom of Spain
       (U.K.)  United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
        (U.S.A.)  United States of America

Could, Should or Would be Countries



Hot Spots of the World

Freedom of the Press

Although we have listed as many English Language newspapers and other business publications as we can find, we would point out that not all publications have the Freedom of the Press enjoyed by those in North America and Europe.  So, we suggest you check the Freedom House - Freedom of the Press Report, before reading any of the newspapers or other publications listed on this site.

Flags & Animations Courtesy of:
Multimedia Palace

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    Capital City ~ Mariehamn

    Wikipedia Overview
   Currency exchange rates for Local Currency
  Local weather conditions today
    Local Time
Fiji Sunset.   Island Vulnerability

      Finnish Overseas Territories & Possessions


   Finland    United Nations
Capital City ~ Helsinki
   Travel Guide   Pictures  Universities
   BBC British Broadcasting Corporation Country Profile
Etiquette, Customs and Protocol Guide
    Country Profiles

    United States Central Intelligence Agency
U.S. Department of State - Great Seal    United States Department of State
  British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Australian Coat of Arms.png   Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Peoples Republic of China  Bundesadler Bundesorgane.svg
 German Federal Foreign Office  
  MID emblem.png    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation     
 Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
 Small Spinning Earth Globe Animation
Prison Population Statistics
Overview with political and topographic maps.
   Population 2050 (projected) 4,800,000 
  - 8%
U.S. State Dept. Trafficking in Human Beings Report
Finland complies fully with the minimum standards
   for the elimination of trafficking of human beings.

U.S. State Dept. Human Rights Report
Age of Consent - 16
   United Nations International Migration Profile
National Intelligence Quotient - 97
Corruption Index

Armed Forces  
World Bank Report
International Monetary Fund
United States US AID Payments  
   News Sources

   World Health Organization
   Freedom House Report
World Trade Organization
Helsinki Times
Helsingin Sanomat
   Helsinki Stock Exchange
Chambers of Commerce
   Wikipedia Overview
   Currency exchange rates for Local Currency
  Local weather conditions today
    Local Time
    Amnesty International - Human Rights Report
The Maltese Cross   Data on Human Trafficking & Slavery
Animated Flag of European UnionMember of the European Union


Republic of Finland
   Nation Founded 1917

Finnish Overseas Territories & Possessions