The Business Forum, Inc.

"It is impossible for ideas to compete in the marketplace if no forum for
 their presentation is provided or available."     -     Thomas Mann, 1896


The Business Forum has always given its members a 10% or 20% discount on it's fees depending upon the level of membership held.  We have now decided, to be able to speed up the new program and increase the content on our web site, to offer twenty (20%) percent to whomsoever brings the business in to us, whether they wish to organize their own event or wish to introduce us to a potential client.

On top of this we are going to combine two products into one and offer BOTH a Business Forum Luncheon AND a white paper posted upon our site for five thousand ($5,000) dollars, as an all inclusive organization and administration fee, plus of course whatever costs the Hotel charges for the luncheon and parking which the sponsor pays direct to the Hotel.  

This constitutes a 50% saving as we have been charging up to $5,000 to organize an event and $5,000 to post a white paper on our site.  It also allows the Sponsor to email their own list of clients and contacts promoting a third party recommendation of their products or services.

We will organize the luncheon - then post it and the white paper on our site and circulate it to the 7,500+ addresses on our opt-in email list for just five thousand ($5,000) dollars (all inclusive).  This paper will remain on our site for at least twelve months before it is archived.  For an example of what this will look like Click Here

Therefore anyone bringing us such a commission would receive one thousand ($1,000) dollars from the organization and administration fee.  Please see a sample copy of our contract at Click Here

1.    Call me and register your wish to be part of this program.  You must be an active member to be able to participate in this program.


2.    After you have registered with us, call those people who you think could benefit by holding a Business Forum Event and posting a white paper on our site.

3.    Explain to them that we only accept sponsors recommended by our members and offer to recommend them.

4.    Suggest they visit our site at

5.    Tell them to check CLIENTS and GUESTS and SPONSORS on the left page panel.

6.    If they are interested after that, have them call you back.  You should then call us and request we call them and explain the program.

7.    If they then sign up for a trial meeting - they are your client from that point on and you will receive 20% of the fees they pay us for as long as we work with them.

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